Unfair Redundancy process carried out by employer despite genuine reason

Employment Relations Authority: Unfair redundancy process carried out by employer despite genuine reason  Mr Hawkins was employed by MRL Power Solutions Limited (MRL Power) as a mechanical technician, from 8 December 2018 until 15 September 2020, when he was made redundant. Mr Hawkins claimed he was unjustifiably dismissed in that his redundancy was neither genuine

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Christmas/New Year Employee Arrangements

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COVID update

With Omicron Cases increasing significantly on a daily basis, organisations are being now being impacted through both staff absences and uncertainty regarding Government regulations. At the current point in time, we have not hit the peak of Omicron cases with this expected to occur over the next few weeks. Government officials (Chris Hipkins 02/03/22) however

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Russel Drakes Explains…

Russell Drake explains SUPPORT AND REPRESENTATION As a break from the ongoing Covid related information that has been the focus of our recent newsletters we wish to draw your attention to the procedural requirements associated with advising staff of their rights to obtain support and representation in all aspects of their employment relationship.  The question

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Is the end in sight?

Last week the Government announced the ending of some Covid-19 related regulations, with this announcement now raising further questions for Employers. Are we legally entitled to maintain any Covid-19 Protection Policy requirements if we want to? Can I still have a policy whereby I will only recruit fully vaccinated workers? Do I have to re-employee

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Re-establishing your workforce post Covid-19

As the current Covid wave begins to decline, and Government’s pandemic related restrictions are eased, are we going to see a ‘business as usual’ approach adopted within New Zealand? There is no doubt that the Covid Protection Protocols put in place by the Government have significantly changed the manner in which many employees now undertake

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