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Notice Period Timeframes

As an employer you have an obligation to ensure that all employees are paid correctly when they have resigned and/or have been terminated from their employment. In many cases, employees will be required to work out their notice period, however in a number of cases, employers may elect to pay an employee in lieu of

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Internal Investigations

Workplace Investigations NZ Increasingly employers are being required to consider whether a concern or complaint needs to be investigated prior to a formal disciplinary process being implemented. Generally, this will require a gathering and assessment of the facts prior to a decision on potential disciplinary action being made. To seek to move to a disciplinary

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Chasing debts from employees

It is not an uncommon situation that an employee terminates their employment and does not return all company property or repay any outstanding debts. Where the employee has wages or annual leave entitlements owing to them, subject to the deduction provisions of section 5 of the Wage Protection Act 1983, some amount of recovery may

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Union fails to follow due process in dismissing one of its Organizers

Based on information obtained from the Companies Office, Union Organizations represent 14.30% of the total New Zealand workforce. The unions exist to provide employment relations support to their members and to lobby for worker rights and entitlements at a national level. To fulfil these functions, the Union will employ individuals into the role of a

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