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Find ready-made documents for sale to suit your processes, policies and procedures. We make streamlining your operations simple with legally compliant and practically applied employment law documents tailored to your business.

Your own documents? Contact us to review them to see if they are legally compliant and meet your current business requirements.

Let us help you devise tailored documents and strategies to safeguard your business and brand.

Your business is unique and therefore your policies may need a bit of tweaking to cover all of your individual business requirements. We can help you edit templates to include overtime, shift work, or bespoke agreements about how your staff work or the work that your staff do. 

Talk to us today and get your policy made to fit you. 


As one of NZ’s leading Employment Relations and HR firms, Russell Drake Consulting provides specialist and exclusive support to business owners and managers to enhance organisational efficiency, growth, and profitability. 

We will work with you to develop tailored solutions across a range of Employment Relations, Human Resources, Management/Business Consultancy and Recruitment disciplines.

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