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Whether it be for alleged Harassment, sexual misconduct, bullying or other forms of inappropriate behaviour and conduct, we have Licensed Private Investigators who can undertake almost any employment-related incident that requires an outsourced workplace investigation.

We can manage the entire investigation process as a strictly impartial party or act as an external coach and reviewer of your internal investigation to ensure all procedural requirements have been met. With changes to the Private Security Act, outside of the Employer themselves, only Licensed Private Investigators and Practicing Lawyers are able to undertake employment-related investigations. These workplace investigations must follow a strict set of criteria, and be handled by an impartial party. This therefore creates significant risks for internal investigations, as these can be easily challenged by Employee Representatives. Seek advice from our employment investigation specialist today.


Protect your business from liability by knowing the rules of workplace investigations, employee rights, and your rights as an employer.

When conducting a workplace misconduct investigation service, we follow all legal protocols and uphold all procedural requirements related to the parties associated with the workplace misconduct investigation. It is vital to understand what the employer’s and employees’ rights are before, during and after this investigation to not leave yourself open to liability or personal grievances for mishandling the employees in question. We can offer all advice in this regard so that your workplace misconduct investigation is watertight and the rights of the parties are not left up to interpretation.

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With several investigations on the go at any one time, we have the experience to run investigations in an efficient and time-focused manner, providing our clients with the assurance that, in following our advice and process, they can be confident that they are in safe hands.

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