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Defining misconduct and serious misconduct

Although not a process that employers willingly want to have to implement, the reality is that when seeking to address a significant breach of a company policy, or an aspect of an employee’s inappropriate behaviour or conduct, disciplinary action may be the only viable option.  Implementing a procedurally fair process is essential for ensuring that

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When is a casual not a casual?

This is a question that has been troubling employers for many years with decisions often being made on incorrect information and assumptions – so where is the line drawn?  Employing staff on a casual basis has long been held as a simple solution to a flexible workforce requirement. Genuine casual employees do not incur the

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struggling under debt

Learn how to recover unpaid debts from employees

Russell Drake explains… It is not an uncommon scenario where an employee has outstanding debts owing to the employer at the conclusion of their employment – So is there a way that these can be recovered?  A robust employment agreement will generally include an employee deductions clause that enables the employer to make a deduction

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different wages explained

Living, Minimum, Median Wage: Confusing

Russell Drake explains…. WHAT IS THE “MEDIAN WAGE” AND HOW IS THIS IMPACTING ON PAY RATES?  For many employers, understanding the various minimum wage rates in New Zealand, is beginning to get extremely confusing. As we get calls regarding this on a regular basis we thought it appropriate to set these out clearly.  The two

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pay wage increases

Payroll Costs are Growing

Update your strategy with Russell Drake Consulting  As anticipated, the Government have announced that the Minimum Wage will increase to $22.70 effective as of 1 April 2023, representing an increase of 7.1% and making this approximately equal to the December 2022 CPI figure of 7.2%.    With this increase scheduled to affect the lowest paid employees

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Medical Incapacity

Medical Incapacity

In our previous newsletter, we introduced the option of Medical Retirement as an alternative resolution to Medical Incapacity in situations when an Employer is dealing with the long-term absence of an Employee through either non-work or work-related illness or injury. Within this newsletter, we look more closely at Medical Incapacity. So, what exactly is Medical

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